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New Social Network Website – Zurker, Get Free Invitation

Zurker is a New Social Network Website becoming viral recently, Zurker is from the same twin brothers who claim that Mark Zukerburg steal their idea of Facebook.

Till now social network has been a great way to interact with your friends and family and find new friends but with Zurker everything will going to change before now you will be able to make money (hard cash) with Zurker.

Why Zurker is Better and Different than others ?

Till now Zurker’s idea seems to be brilliant,

At Zurker, you are a co-owner and an investor. You can earn vShares by referring your friends. The more friends you invite, the more equity you earn. Zurker becomes better, and better, as more people join, increasing in value. As Zurker becomes more valuable, your stake becomes more valuable.

Can Zurker Succeed in Competition with Facebook, Twitter & Google+ and Pinterest ?

For now nothing if fixed but no one have seen future because their is not Time Machine :), But recently if you see the other social network’s growth such as Pinterest which came recently and now it is the 3 most popular Social Network. And this year Facebook and Google + users also increased by 20% so I think Zurker will going to give a hard competition to current social networks.

Biggest difference between Zurker and Facebook ?

There are huge list of differences some are good some bad, but the main difference is that Facebook is owned by a select few investors, whereas Zurker is owned by a large number of members. And users will also get vShares. For now, these don’t count as real shares but when Zurker becomes a publicly traded company it will be counted as real shares.

What Next, How Can You Join ?

Currently you can join the site only when you get invitation from any other existing user, that is really very good idea to stop fake registrations.

Click Here to Join Zurker 

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